We’re Going for a Breakthrough…Together

“I have never prayed fervently for 40 days and not seen some earth-shattering, window-rattling, life-altering God event and I want that for you. God will show us so clearly that He is at work, when we’re faithful to seek him–that’s what breakthrough prayer is all about.”
– James MacDonald

40 Day Prayer Guide

Choosing My Prayer Partner

Sooner or later, life brings all of us to a new level of need that inspires a new level of prayer. Today, God is inviting you to pray powerfully with the confident expectation that He will answer. Yet many times our prayers fall flat because we are afraid God won’t.It’s not that praying fails… it’s that we fail to pray. God promises that if you meet the biblical requirements of prayer, you can be 100% certain He will answer you.

Our Journey Devotionals