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What’s Down with Hell?

April 14, 2011

God’s Word has a lot to say about the reality of hell—regardless of popular opinion or current trends. Here’s an entire message that I preached at our church called What’s Down with Hell?


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  • Steve RipleyApr.14.2011

    For the record, responding to the Rob Bell inference, Rob Bell believes in Hell. Have attended Mars last two years. No doubt about it. Thanks for listening.

    James MacDonald Reply:

    For the record, if you make something into what it isn’t you can always say you ‘believe’ in it. I believe the moon is made of green cheese ( if by green cheese you mean dirt, and if by dirt, you mean moon dust).


  • GaryApr.14.2011


    I was able to listen to a bit of this sermon today during work and came home to watch a little bit of a morning news show on MSNBC called Morning Joe I had dvrd. They had a segment about a Times magazine article entitled “Is Hell Dead?” It largely had to do with Rob Bell’s newest book that I’m sure we all know about. To be honest, parts of that segment were heart breaking. I will say I haven’t read the book, but I understand his theological view well enough to surmise what he is saying. And of course, I remembered the part of your sermon I heard today, where Alistair Begg looked at you and said, “Aye, but you can say without a tear in your eye?” I will have to say that what I heard on that show broke my heart. It’s bad enough people would believe there is no Hell, but it’s so much worse to have people who believe it, and then hear it from a Christian pastor. Even if he just “posed” the question. God’s work is so important for today. We must believe, because we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed.

  • MiguelApr.15.2011

    Wow. Best presentation on hell ever. I’m convinced! What really got to me is that study by the cardiologist. People went there, and were still unwilling to readjust their lives. That’s insane, but it’s the reality hidden right beneath our eyes that the word of God exposes.

  • AndyApr.15.2011

    I’ve often thought the more difficult something is to hear, the more closely it cuts to my heart. That was sobering. Thank you Pastor James for preaching the whole counsel of God.

  • Anthony GeeApr.15.2011

    For the record. I like this blog.

  • Phillip Babcock JrApr.17.2011

    I think it takes a Pastor with guts and a real passion for his people to deliver a message on hell. There are not to many pastors that will preach on hell today. Nobody wants to think about a place like that. Sadly there will be thousand realize it exists to late. Dr. James you just got yourself another follower.


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