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Jul 06 2012

What Every Heart Longs For. What Every Church Can Be.

Church was never meant to be safe.
Or comfortable. Or predictable.
God isn’t any of those things.
Church is supposed to arrest our pride.
Church is meant to crush our selfishness.
Church was created to carry our heartache and comfort our affliction.
Church is where we find community, express compassion and engage in mission.
But church without God does none of that.
Make the change that changes everything and learn how to go Vertical at church.
Discover the things God has designed and given us to welcome His glory and provoke His manifest presence.
When church stops being about us, it can be about God again.
And when God comes back to church…it’s time to order more chairs.


From August to October, I’m bringing the message of Vertical Church to 40 cities across North America. Check out the trailer below.