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Apr 19 2013

Vertical Purpose Leads to Horizontal Effectiveness

My Wednesday post on how the glory of God is the only fire that can sustain evangelistic zeal in local church ministry, may seem a very indirect evangelistic approach to you. If you believe intentional evangelism is what reaches people, you may find it hard to accept what I am writing.

Watch this video (we have many many like it) and imagine a fire to share Christ effectively being lit in the hearts of those who attend your church—a fire to see people we know and love come to know Jesus. Not to keep them from hell, primarily, and not as our guilt-induced duty, but as our overflowing passion to see them experience in Christ what we have found. A joy in His glory among us that eclipses everything we would have previously called joy.

Need proof that vertical purpose leads to horizontal effectiveness in reaching people for Christ? Watch this summary of a single weekend in our church, for the GLORY OF GOD! :)