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On Using the Week to Prepare a Sermon

June 28, 2011



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  • JackieJun.28.2011

    Love to hear these little tidbits on the life of a Pastor! I am an assistant whos “work mission” is to know her pastor/boss well to be great for what God’s called me to.

  • ShannonJun.28.2011

    So that’s how it’s done! Very enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

    My husband and I feel led to hold a home Bible study for the youth in our community and yet neither of us has any experience “teaching” the Word of God. This outline will certainly help us to get on the right track.

    May God always be glorified!

    Isaiah 55:11 “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”.

  • Edward ZaccariJun.28.2011

    Dear Pastor James MacDonald,
    Thanks so much for your firm dedication to preaching His Word, so intently and with no buts about it. My family and I have always learned so much from you deep insight of His Word, and have learned to not just Love the Lord, but to learn more of who He is, and how much He is involved in our daily living. Please keep up the great work in the Lord. We are sure He is more then pleased with you and your congregation, of which we consider privilege to be a very small part of.

  • Brian JohnsonJun.28.2011

    As you were sharing I was going through the week with you, then at the end i was left with this question: Where is your weekly sabbath in all of that? In other words, where do you find your 24 hour rest with God apart from your ministry responsibilities?

    James MacDonald Reply:

    Your question is legit, it’s supposed to be Sunday after church til Tuesday morning. I don’t think meditating on the word is a negation of that but I need to make sure other things don’t crowd in.
    thanks for your comment.

  • MarcusJun.28.2011

    Thanks for letting us in on your method of writing a sermon, I do have one question. I am a 19 year old wanting to become a Pastor, I’ve preached a few times and havent really created an effective way to write a sermon. Are you saying that writing your message out word for word is a good way of creating a good message? And I was wondering if you know of any good resources that would help me be a better communicator of the Gospel? I have a heart for evangelism and really want to be effective in ministry so my next few years i would love to dedicate to learning ministry and learning how to be effective. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    Thank you so much,

    James MacDonald Reply:

    You need to find a good bible college and give several years of your life to developing the tools necessary for vocational ministry. Moody Bible Institute is where my sons went and it is a great place.
    thanks for commenting,

    Joshua Reply:

    I agree with and appreciate the value of bible college training. How do we weigh this with the cost of tuition? For instance, I am halfway through my degree but had to stop due to financial difficulties. Now I am stuck with 2 years of debt. I really don’t know what I would do with 4. I am grateful that God has led me to a great church where I can be very involved in ministry and preaching, and a pastor that is committed to developing leaders.

    It seems a broken system to me to weigh down our spiritual leaders with large amounts of debt in order to fulfill a calling from God.

  • Jerome WalkerJun.29.2011

    Great “layout” Dr. James! I am a Pastor in a “Traditional” Church that has 3 services per week….Sunday AM, PM and Mid-week PM. What would Your advice be as far as feeling the weight of 3 new messages every week? It seems like I could Just stay in the office studying and try to delegate ministry which is a strain because I love the people aspect of it too. And I do feel like I do passages injustice because of lack of time. Your Thoughts?


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