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Good Friday Service – Luke/Tony

April 26, 2011

We had a record Good Friday service this year, with more than 12,000 in attendance at Harvest’s multiple services.  A highlight for me was having my oldest son Luke and our son in-law Tony do a Crowder/Lecrae song together.  The entire service was dark, and devoid of any real hope, but it certainly set the stage for a GREAT EASTER celebration.  Let me know what you think .  .  .

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  • Lindsey LindstromApr.26.2011

    MAJOR highlight for me and my husband too! Total “chills” moment :-)

  • KindraApr.26.2011

    I thought it was awesome! Listening to Tony and the intensity of the words and the images on the screen brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps…so good!

  • B GivensApr.26.2011

    Excellent stuff… great piece!

  • Anne NowakApr.26.2011

    It was moving on Friday & moving again today. All at HBC did a wonderful job of helping us who worship there come before the cross of Christ & remember what He did for us that day. Blessed to be a part of HBC but even more blessed to be a child of our GREAT God!

  • LeahApr.26.2011

    Fan-TASTIC! I love living in North Carolina, but seeing that makes me wish I could’ve been there for the service. Keep up the good work, Harvest folks.

  • TerryApr.26.2011

    Sending this to some of my unbelieveing friends and family members . To bring glory to God and to the name of Jesus.

  • Vicki BriggsApr.26.2011

    Today has been a day of shadows…..God knew I needed to hear these words and I praise and thank Him for the reminder that we can rest in the shadow of His cross!! Sheds a whole new light on my day!
    Thanks Luke & Tony! AWESOME job!!! I think Pastor James will be ok w/me saying that bcuz it was all about our AWESOME God:)

  • CherylApr.26.2011

    YEAH YEAH YEAH(in rap font)!

  • Brett LovernApr.26.2011

    Well done!

  • Lori RidderApr.26.2011

    Loved watching both of them as they worshipped. My heart sings as I see God’s beautiful redemptive story played out. What a blessing!

  • Dave WatkinsApr.26.2011

    Love it!!! What a powerful picture/message/reminder well done guys!!!

  • The NewmanApr.26.2011

    Thanks for posting!!! Was really amazing!!! Can’t say thanks enough to all who made these services possible – we are blessed!

  • BradApr.26.2011

    Well done! Powerful lyrics!

  • SandraApr.27.2011

    Pastor James, this was our first time at Harvest for Good Friday, and honestly I had never in my life experienced something so beautiful, from the words, to the play everything was BEAUTIFUL.. and your 2 son’s did a great job =)

  • Jeff MillerApr.27.2011

    Wow. Just… wow.

  • Rachel C.Apr.28.2011

    This was definitely a turning point for me. The weight of the cross went deeper as I remembered the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and how no matter WHAT I’m going through, I am always resting in its shadow. After hearing Lecrae do this at Passion, I was hoping that we’d get that version too–finally grasped the words of the rap =) BLESSED!

  • MichelleApr.28.2011

    Very well done! Thank you for bringing the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice back to mind.


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