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Dec 24 2011

Christmas Eve in the Word

Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family! If you’re like most believers, you want to connect with your family and have fun, play games, share a meal together…but if you leave that time and haven’t connected meaningfully about your faith in the Lord, it just seems kind of hollow in the end.


I’d encourage you to take some time to come together with your family and gather around God’s Word. You don’t have to have something powerful or profound to say—the power is in the Christmas story itself. My kids remember our family living this out together at Christmas every year, but I don’t think they recall a single thing I’ve said. What does stick with them is that we cared enough to help them see that our time together is about so much more than giving gifts, eating turkey, having time off—it’s about the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ Himself.