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Apr 19 2011

Are You Saved?

God, in His mercy, sent His Son to die for your sin so that you could be saved. Are you saved? How do you know? Watch this message and get this issue settled today.

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  • MichelleApr.19.2011

    Can I please ask a question? What about the role of the Holy Spirit? Thank you so much…

  • MichelleApr.19.2011

    I only ask about the role of the Holy Spirit because in Romans 8 it speaks of His Spirit bearing witness with the believer’s spirit that he/she is a child of God. Is this not our assurance as well? Thank you for putting up with my questions!

  • Amy DanielsApr.20.2011

    Thank you Pastor for putting into words what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me. This is beautiful confirmation and I thank our Saviour Jesus Christ for proclaiming the truth through you. Burdened with you for those not firmly rooted and growing in the faith!

  • ShawnApr.20.2011

    I heard this one on the radio a while back. I think its the most important message you’ve ever preached. I’m so thankful for it!

  • JeremyApr.22.2011

    Thank you for this, James. I learned ALOT. I couldn’t ask for a better spiritual leader

  • Felix AguilarApr.27.2011

    This message sinks deep into my soul. Because, I ask myself a lot if I really am a follower of Christ. Am I saved? I ask, because when the time comes to prove it, I drop the ball a lot. I really want it. I wan to give Him my life. BUT, myself gets in the way.

  • AndyMay.02.2011

    I’ve shared this one with people Pastor James. Good stuff. There’s something about knowing your saved that wants you to scream it from the rooftops. It’s something you want to share with everyone, not because of boastfulness or pride but because you want to share that joy with others.