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Oct 27 2011

Apology School: Are you a graduate?

I have had to apologize a lot through the years—for things I did, for things I should have done, or should have done better.  I have been back at it in recent days, and a couple of weeks ago I shared with the church family what I have learned in Apology School.  This clip comes toward the end of a full message on repentance that you can watch here.

In context, I was talking about the fruits of genuine repentance. Luke 3:8 says, “Bring forth fruits in keeping with repentance.” And Acts 26:20, “Repent and turn to God, performing deeds appropriate to repentance”…one of which is the absence of rationalization. You know your heart has ceased to rationalize when you get an “A” in Apology School.  What is your grade?