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Feb 19 2010

A Speech That Could Save Tiger Woods

My good friend and Walk in the Word board member Mark DeMoss wrote this great statement imagining the best possible outcome for Tiger Woods’ public statement today.  It should not surprise us that pagans don’t know how to repent, but it does shock me that they don’t get the elements of true remorse right even when forced to mea culpa. Hopefully for Tiger’s sake, he will include many of these elements.

A Speech That Could Save Tiger Woods: A PR exec proposes a speech that could save Tiger’s reputation, his family, and his golf game.

I’m here to say I’m sorry.  I have been blessed beyond measure but have made a mess of my life, squandering the trust and support so many have placed in me throughout my young career.  I blame myself for my troubles and now want to apologize to a number of people, starting with my wife.  Elin, I’m sorry for embarrassing and hurting and betraying you and our precious little girl and boy.  You deserve so much better.

You can read the whole post here.

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