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A Sendoff for Hungry Shepherds

April 26, 2012

Wow. Yesterday, after 2.5 days of pouring into and worshiping with over 2000 pastors and leaders from around the world, we closed out Harvest University 2012. Today, I’m thanking God for the outpouring of His Spirit at this conference that ministered to so many. And I’m even more fired up for His glory, as they return to the fields to which God has called them and seek to apply what they’ve learned.

In the closing message, I decided to focus on the practical—with a “5-4-3-2-1” message. First 5 things, then 4 things, then 3…and so on. Here is an excerpt of the first portion,
5 Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know but Can’t Tell You.




The full message also includes:

  • 4 Things Good Elders Say Frequently
  • 3 Things a Church Needs from Its Pastors
  • 2 Good Ways to Process This Conference
  • The Single Most Important Thing in Your Church

You can watch that here.


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