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Changed Forever

May 01, 2015

Hey Friends:
We’re in the last week of our Risen for the Nations tour . . . and your prayers have meant so much to us. We are changed forever by what we have experienced and seen.


We’ve spent our final leg in Haiti, with a tremendously encouraging visit to our Harvest Bible Chapel in Jacmel, and their life-impacting ministries.


With an orphanage, children’s homes, a school with some 1600 beautiful students, a worshiping body of 1000, and hundreds of people who have come to know Christ through their church, God is doing an awesome work there. Read More

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Tea, Laborers, and Fields That Are Ripe

April 24, 2015

Hey friends:
Did you know that some of the highest quality tea in the world is grown in Kenya? To make such quality tea, they harvest only the bud and top leaf from each tea plant. For that reason the leaves must be harvested by hand, one at a time. Thousands of people can be seen across the seemingly endless hillside fields, carefully picking the leaves one by one by one. Many of the people at our new Harvest Bible Chapel in Limuru, Kenya (20 miles outside of Nairobi), work in these tea fields. Read More

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Face to Face with False Religions

April 17, 2015

Hey friends: It’s starting to become a very long trip. We are missing family and deeply grateful for your prayers. My health recovered quickly as well as my voice, and I am back to preaching, for which I am thankful. Read More

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Elder Rule Church Government is From Satan, Too

April 16, 2015

Back in the spring of 2011, I made the regrettable decision to publish a blog post entitled, “Congregational Government is From Satan.” Initially the post was inflammatory to get attention, but in the end it was judged as unbalanced and therefore unfair. In that sense, the danger of hyperbole was realized. That post was removed long ago, but its negative impact continues to linger. This post is for the purpose of apologizing and explaining how I have come to regret it. Read More

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5 Essentials for High Impact Preaching (things most preachers don’t do)

April 11, 2015

What do you want from your sermon at the end of the day? Vertical Church preaching is all about the expectation that God blesses the unapologetic, Spirit-dependent heralding of His Word—but is there more a preacher can do to be effective? Beyond the requisite faithfulness to Christ and His Word, can a preacher do more to amplify the sermon’s impact? Read More

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From Agony to Glory

April 10, 2015

Blown away and very, very grateful for the team of tireless artists and technicians who dreamed and planned and delivered our most impactful Good Friday/Easter services combo, ever. Their breadth of styles and creativity of presentation were a bountiful bouquet—a panoramic palette of hues and shades that illumined Jesus Christ, from agony to glory, in unprecedented beauty. Read More

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